Friday, November 9, 2007

Police Marijuana


I was once walking through a police impoundment yard near South Philadelphia and saw some plants that were indisputably marijuana. I wondered why police were growing marijuana. I am nowhere near as naive anymore.

A few weeks ago I discovered another such marijuana patch on public land. This brings up an interesting question. Should I report such findings to the police, especially since it is probably a police growing operation? Before an immediate answer, note that the police often use such harvested marijuana for planting evidence. This allows the police to get the “bad guys” off the street because most of the bad guys are not dumb enough to be caught with marijuana in their possession. The police, in their omniscient ways, identify the bad guys and use whatever tools they have available to put them in jail.

If a “citizen” were to discover the police garden, it could expose the citizen to potential harm. Rather than the police having to plant another garden, the citizen might slip on a cake of soap or take a stray bullet to the brain. Probably it is better just to let the sleeping dogs lie. Enjoy the picture.